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Schuh e & Handwerk Munich is a brand that has been established in this city for years and that constantly focuses on values ​​such as sustainability, quality and honesty. Both the choice of material and its manufacture, the production processes, or the delivery routes. Our small team tries to find the best possible option in each segment. From raw material to price calculation.

Our last shapes are the continuation of the anatomy of the foot
The statics of our forms are based on walking barefoot and the aim of creating a very comfortable shoe.
Our materials are vegetable tanned and therefore not an irritation factor in any sense, but a comfortable dwelling for the foot
Our construction is based on the traditional art of shoemaking, only much nicer.
With our shoe shapes we want to make the man strongly masculine by enriching each of the lines filigree and with a slightly feminine touch.
Our women's forms are feminine and self-confident, equipped with masculine looseness. Very present and yet down to earth.
We connect what belongs together.

The foot is a work of art made up of 26 bones, 114 ligaments and 20 muscles
A work of art does not need a cage, but a frame-Michelangelo